History is a biography of great men. No great man ever soared on the wings of achievements without drinking at the fountain of wisdom. No deeper wisdom has been given to mankind than that entrenched in the lines, verses and precepts of the Word of God.

When we gather as men; fathers, sons, brothers, it is so we sharpen each other against the double edged sword of the Holy Scriptures. For how can we penetrate the barriers of complacency without this sharpness? How can we win in the arena of responsibility without this sharpness?

We gather because we understand that our mandate is not just a nation but for a generation. We see the future as our responsibility because we understand that we did not inherit the earth from our fathers, we borrowed it from our children.

So I implore you to give your faith free reign. I urge you to rise up in courage, lose sight of the shore so that you can explore new seas. I beseech you to stretch your vision beyond the bounds of possibilities as we pioneer a generation of truly great men.

You are welcome !

Apostle Grace Lubega
Vision Bearer ~ Phaneroo Ministries International





Phaneroo is a dynamic, life transforming and generational impacting ministry with a vision to transform nations and the entire world with the word of God.

The Greek word ‘Phaneroo’ is translated as bringing to manifestation that which existed but is not seen. Consequently, what we want to see in this generation is that Christians start bringing forth things that men never thought existed yet they did in fact exist.

We understand that the visibility of the invisible things, even the Godhead is the manifestation of the sons of God for which creation groans. The Phaneroo vision entails the raising of Christians that are distinguished as sons of God; separated for the demonstration of the God life to the world and crowned with the glories of eternity.